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Selasa, 24 Mei 2011


It’s not funny experience, may scariest’s experience. I don’t know, but it’s so scary for me. I can’t sleep at the night, if I remember it.
One day, at holiday come, I was gone to my grandmother house. Me and my family go to upcountry at the morning and arrive there at the evening. My grandmother’s house place is region in Gunung Kidul, Jogjakarta. The region is so gloomy and nice although the weather is so hot. But, I was very happy to visit that place again.
My grandmother’s live together with my aunt and my uncle. We’re all love my lovely grandmother.
That day my aunt said that her neigbour was die on this morning. They were in sadness atmosphere. At that evening mom, dad, aunt, uncle, I, and my brother were visit to our neigbour. Arrive there, I look the face of our neighbour was die. His corpse lying in a coffin, and I hear a snore voice. I feel scary. When I close my eyes, I feel that everybody leave me in that room. I’m alone without the other people. I don’t want to stay in this situation, then I open my eyes. And I see how many people ware sad. I see and hear some people cry. After that, mom, and dad invite me and my brother to go home, meanwhile my aunt, and uncle was stay there.
At the night, after dinner, I was dizzy. I saying to mom, that I was dizzy, but my mom not hear me. She was speaking with dad, brother, aunt, uncle, and also grandmother in balcony of my grandmother’s house. I’m sensitive, so I feel sad. I always feel sad and cry, if no one people to meddle me. Then I was cry, and I said to their, that I was sick, I was dizzy. After that mom give me a medicine, and my aunt invite me to rest in a room. I roomy, because my family was meddle about me. I was tired, and my head feel so heavy. I want to sleep, but I can’t do it. I try to close my eyes, and go to sleep.
When I close my eyes, the shadow of corpse our neighbour appear in my mind. His face, his coffin, his snore voice, and the sadness atmosphere. I scary and open my eyes again, and I look around. I just alone in that room, mom and aunt leave me, so that I can sleep quiet.
I quiet for long time, then I look to the ceiling. In the ceiling, I look the face of corpse our neighbour, but I see he look at me. I was so scary, I want to scream, but I can’t do that. I can’t to scream to request a support.
In my heart, I say to God “Father, help me! I was so scary, and I surrender to You, God. I can’t do anything without You”. And like a miracle the face of my neighbour was lost, and I'm not found the face. I thanks to God for His miracle for me. I believe that my God loves me so much.
Suddenly, I remember that I not pray to our salvation. I remember not yet pray since last night. I’m not spoken with God. I forget to address Him. I sit at the side of my bed. I pray God to protect my family and I. grandmother, mom, dad, brother, uncle, aunt, and all my families. From my experience, I know that I can’t live without God, and pray. My God is King, and pray is my breath. I know that God, want me to always surrender to Him, for the rest of my life. And this is I do right now, tomorrow, and forever, surrender all to my God. The guardian of my life.

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