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Jumat, 25 Maret 2011


Luv could never count the stars in the sky

Luv could never melt the ice on the north pole

Luv could never stop the earth revolving

But Luv can always understand you and me

Luv is patien, Luv is kind, and it's never jealous.

It's never beastfull and concited, it's not rude, it's not self-seek-ing, it's not easily angered, it's keeps no wrong.

Luv does not delight in evil but rejoice the truth.

It always protect, always trust, always hopes, always preseveres.

Luv is like the wind, you can feel it, but you can't see it.

You don't have to be glad just be'cuz you lend/give a money.

Money is not enough.

You can have money/get the money...

But they.... 
They need your warm love.

So spread your love where ever you go; started from your home.

Give your own love to your whole family.

I am just a person

But i'am still a person

i can't do everything

But i can do something

and be'cuz i can't do everything

I will not reject to do something

that i can do...


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